Sonntag, 20. März 2011

food poisoning

Sorry guys!
I'm suffering a food poisoning so I won't be able to feed this blog a while! Because if I can draw the next few days I have to do some of my work. But I promise, when I'm alright again and my works done, I'll post a lot new sketches!

See you soon, my friends!


Samstag, 19. März 2011

Bakura is drunk!

Dammit! I'm late! Sorry I forgot it today ;__;
Tomorrow I'll finsh it sooner! Promise!

Haha I totally have to draw him drunk more often! It's fun <3
Bakura will have a lot of fun tonight *chuckle*

till' tomorrow guys!

Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

Again: BxR

Ah @---@ I nearly forgot it today >.<
Sorry, it's just a little sketch - I'm really busy with the animucillus >.<

Till tomorrow! love you guys!

Mittwoch, 16. März 2011

Being watched

Actually I wanted to draw a picture with Bakura and YamiMarik but I'm a little bit busy with the Animuc illustrations so I haven't had time.. but I hope I've time for it tomorrow

Here you see another scene from an awesome german fanfic "The different faces"
Das is ne abgewandelte Version einer Szene aus Kapitel 2 der FF ;3
Wie immer nur zu empfehlen, es ist eine meiner absoluten lieblings YamixYugi Fanfics!!
Guckt euch auch die anderen FFs der Autorin an - die ist der Wahnsinn!!

Till tomorrow guys!

By the way: you don't need to have an account anymore to write me a comment! So go ahead! *giggle* <3

Montag, 14. März 2011

Little Ryou and Bakura

Imagen how it would be if they were brothers *O*
Bakura would always protect his little brother! *cuddle*
Oh boy, I wanna eat them they're just too cute!

My second entry today *wink*
That's why I don't know if I upload another one tomorrow..
But well.. we'll see!

Till then!

Destiny of Ra

It's a little scene from one of my favorite FFs

'Destiny of RA' (=It's a German fanfic!)

Für alle deutschen Leutchen: Die FF is nur zu empfehlen ich hab mich oft total kaputt gelacht und BAKURA is der hammer!! Es is übrigens ne Puzzelshipping FF also Yami x Yugi! Und vllt bekommen wir noch Tendershipping zu sehen.. wer weiß!
Lesen, lieben und Kommi schreiben!!
Die Szene is aus Kapitel 7 - Sorry when ich euch also spoilere!
Aber ich habs eh bissl umgeändert ;3

click on the image to see the lager version!!

Sonntag, 13. März 2011

~♥Ryou ♥~

It's really relaxing to draw this junks ♥
This time is Ryous turn! And guess who's hand lies beside Ryous head! *giggle*
Oh boy, I totally love them.

Till tomorrow!

Samstag, 12. März 2011


Second entry *O*
another junky Yugi this time with Yami *OO*
I'm soo hooked with those two!
They are the perfect couple, at least I think so!

Till tomorrow guys!

Freitag, 11. März 2011

~Game Start!~

From this day on my daily sketchblog is officially opened!
Every day a new sketch for you guys!


Most of the time I'll draw ygo sketches, as a warm-up for work
and well.. YuGiOh Sketches = BEST. WARM. UP. EVER!! xD
BTW: I'll only write in English in this blog ;3

Here we go
The first entry is a junky Yugi
Haha hopefully better ones will follow xD

Till tomorrow guys!!